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Our firm has unparalleled experience in appellate advocacy. We are recognized as one of Alberta’s pre-eminent appellate litigation firms. We maintain a large and varied appellate practice that ranges all areas of family law and estate litigation. Our experience as appellate counsel also allows us to act in civil and commercial appellate litigation.

Our lawyers have argued some significant and precedent setting cases before appellate courts in Alberta. Andy Hayher KC leads our appellate litigation practice and appears regularly before the Alberta Court of Appeal. Andy shares his professional experience and legal knowledge with others. He has lectured and taught on appellate litigation to both members of the Bar and members of the judiciary across Canada and has written extensively on oral and written advocacy at the appellate level.

Contact us for a consultation where we review the issue you would like to appeal. We meet with you in a consultation to go over the matter and give you a high level mapping of what happens next.

Areas of Expertise for Appeals Advocacy

  • Family Law Appeals

    Navigating lower court decisions and helping you ensure fairness and upholding the best interests of your family.

  • Estate Litigation Appeals

    Offering robust representation when contesting wills, trusts, and estate distributions in appellate courts.

  • Arbitration Appeals

    Ensuring fair outcomes for you when challenging arbitration awards in appellate proceedings.

  • Civil Appeals

    Providing strategic representation for you when challenging decisions in civil matters, ensuring your rights are protected in appellate courts.

  • Interlocutory Applications

    Assisting you in seeking temporary court orders to address urgent matters during ongoing legal proceedings.

  • Leave to Appeal Applications

    Ensuring your case receives proper consideration from appellate courts.

  • Security for Costs Applications

    Assisting you in seeking financial guarantees from opposing parties to cover potential legal expenses.

  • Stay Pending Appeal Applications

    Ensuring your rights and interests are safeguarded during the appeal process.

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