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Divorce is never easy.

This is true whether it is a well thought out, mutual decision between two people who are on the same page or whether it is a situation involving a lot of unresolved feelings.

Marital separation, and embarking on the process of obtaining a divorce, marks the start of a major transition for your family.  The divorce lawyers at Hayher Lee LLP endeavour to assist and guide you through the separation and divorce process in a way that lessens the stress and allows you to move forward in a constructive and healthy manner.

Our lawyers have specific experience advocating for clients with complex financial circumstances in determining child and spousal support and division of family property.  We have successfully represented high income individuals in trials at the Alberta Court of Appeal, the Alberta Court of King’s Bench as well as in private arbitrations.

The steps and stages of any divorce matter can be as unique and as personalized as the parties involved.

There is no one size fits all approach to divorce.


An amicable and straightforward divorce often proceeds through the following stages:

  • Retain a lawyer
  • Exchange Financial Disclosure
  • Attempt to reach a resolution
  • Enter into a separation agreement
  • Submit divorce application to the courts

Read the full details about each step in our article, “What are the steps to Divorce in Alberta?”

The divorce lawyers at Hayher Lee LLP will provide a recommendation on a tailored course of action that is proportionate and efficient to your specific matter.

Areas of Expertise for Divorce

  • Child support

    Determining the appropriate amount of financial support for children during separation and divorce.

  • Farm and Agricultural disputes in family law

    Navigating complex property division issues related to agricultural assets in divorce proceedings.

  • Parenting disputes

  • Spousal support

  • Unjust enrichment claims

  • Family Property Division

  • Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements

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